About the Project

The Building Inclusive Cities Project

Building Inclusive Cities: 

A two-year project supported by Open Society Foundations and led by the Cities of Migration initiative at Ryerson University’s CERC in Migration and Integration, explores the complex and interconnected factors that contribute to open, inclusive cities in an era of global migration. The project will develop a web-based diagnostic tool and dynamic learning platform to help the city and community stakeholders assess ‘inclusion factors’ across the urban landscape, and gain a better understanding of the conditions that enhance (or inhibit) immigrant integration and inclusion.

City Diagnostic: How inclusive is my city?  

The My City of Migration (MyCOM) Diagnostic is a modular web app that uses a series of simple scenarios to help users assess the quality of inclusion in their daily lives: at work, at school, on election day, in health and as a new arrival. Mapped to 10 dimensions of inclusion and proofed by international experts, the MyCOM Diagnostic provides a detailed snapshot of “my” city’s relative strengths and weaknesses vis-à-vis diversity and inclusion and then direct users to a rich set of resources on the Building Inclusive Cities Learning Platform.

International expertise

The Building Inclusive Cities Learning Platform is anchored by a collection of 10-15 essays by international experts on themes central to inclusive city-building, including the ten dimensions of inclusion indexed by the MyCOM Diagnostic:  social, cultural, economic, health, political, civic, spatial and educational inclusion; the role of media; and the general welcome-ability of municipal institutions and public space. Each expert essay will provide insight and analysis on building inclusive cities, what works, what doesn’t, and include examples of good practice, policy recommendations, and resources for further learning and connection.  

Learning exchange

A program of open webinars and peer learning events provides opportunities for a deep dive on selected topics, learning exchange and networking. In a later phase of the project, comparative case studies and a MyCOM video will demonstrate how the tool can be used, what it can tell us about the urban experience of inclusion and the ways in which cities can shape the experience of diversity and inclusion across the urban landscape.

Audience and Goals

The Building Inclusive Cities project aims to bring the super-diversity of today’s cities out of the margins and into the mainstream of urban experience and prosperity.

  1. City and community stakeholders: Gain insight on how to design and implement inclusionary policies and practices, and foster the conditions necessary to create a culture of welcome and belonging;
  2. Experts and policy-makers: Deepen understanding of the multi-dimensional and interconnected factors behind success and failure in immigrant integration and inclusion.


Contact: cerc.migration@ryerson.ca        

Cities of Migration showcases good ideas in immigrant integration and inclusion, and innovative practices and policy solutions that promote diversity, inclusion and urban prosperity. Activities include an internationally recognized collection of promising practices, city-to-city learning exchange (webinars), international conferences and a growing network of thought leaders. Cities of Migration is a program of the CERC in Migration and Integration at Ryerson University. www.citiesofmigration.org



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