Consent Statement


You are being invited to participate in an online survey about experiences of inclusion/exclusion in cities. My City of Migration Diagnostic (MyCOM) is a modular online opinion survey that assesses the user’s experience of diversity and inclusion across five urban scenarios: at work, at school, on election day, in health, and as a new arrival.

MyCOM aims to help city and community leaders, researchers, practitioners and ordinary residents develop greater understanding of the complex and interconnected factors related to inclusive city building. MyCOM is a project of Cities of Migration, a program of the Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Migration and Integration at Ryerson University.

Before you agree to participate by registering online to take the MyCOM online survey, it is important that you read the following information and understand what you will be asked to do.


To participate, you must register with a username and password and choose a city (“my city”) from a drop-down list. Before proceeding to the modular online survey, you will be asked to estimate the level of inclusion in the chosen city on a 5-point scale (pre-test).

The MyCOM Diagnostic has five survey modules (Q&A); 15 questions each for a total of 75 questions; multiple choice answers are scored on a 5-point scale. Participants will receive a partial city score for each module. Upon completion of all 5 modules, they will receive final city results segmented by ten dimensions of inclusion. Participants may choose which and/or how many of MyCOM’s modules to complete, or to complete none at all.
Thank you for agreeing to take the My City of Migration Diagnostic. Your experience and opinions are highly valued and will make an important contribution to our research work on inclusive city building.


To participate in this online survey and share your experiences and opinions about inclusion in cities, you must register at the My City of Migration website at

Registration requires:

– User name and password. Username must be an email address. By registering with a valid email address, you will receive MyCOM results by email.
– Please note: MyCOM does not validate email addresses. In order to receive MyCOM module and final results by email, a valid email address is required. Email results are delivered automatically from a secure server. Please note that we have no way of contacting you if an invalid email is used.

MyCOM modules:

– There are five modules in the MyCOM online survey. You may complete as many modules as you prefer, and in whatever order you choose.
– Each MyCOM survey module consists of 15 multiple choice questions and should take 6-8 minutes to complete. For all of your answers to be successfully collected, you must go to the end of the module survey and click the ‘Submit’ button.
– To complete all five modules in one session will take approximately 35-45 minutes. However, you can complete all five modules iteratively, in multiple sessions, by logging in and out.
– You must complete all 5 modules to receive your final Bigger Picture results.

MyCOM results:

– Individual MyCOM module results and final Bigger Picture results will be automatically emailed to you upon completion of each module (by clicking Submit).
– With or without a valid email address, MyCOM survey results will appear on screen upon completion of each module (by clicking Submit).
– Module results can be shared by Email, Print or Share by using the on-screen EPS icons available within the module session. Once you close your browser, individual module results will not be accessible by login for post-session viewing.
– You can login anytime with username and password to complete all five modules, or to review your final Bigger Picture results
– Bigger Picture results are ONLY available upon completion of all five modules.

Participation is completely voluntary. You may choose not to participate in the online survey. If you start the online survey and choose not to complete the survey, or close your browser before getting to the end of the survey, or do not confirm your consent to participate at the end of the survey by clicking the ‘submit survey’ button, your information collected up to that point will not be used. Should you choose not to complete MyCOM, by not completing all five modules, your partial survey results will still be kept as aggregate data only.

There are no costs involved to participate in the online survey, you can use either your own or public computer connected to the internet, or a mobile phone with internet access to fill the online opinion survey.

The opinions and information you provide through the survey will be combined with those of others (aggregated by city) so that we can analyze policies and practices of inclusive city building in general with regard to a specific city or in a comparative perspective.


There may not be any direct and immediate benefit to you from taking part in this study. The information you provide in the online survey will generate results that can help you gain knowledge of the conditions that promote inclusion or exclusion in cities. The aggregated city data will enhance our understanding of the specific urban conditions that can promote, or hinder, immigrant integration and inclusion in cities.


There is minimal risk to you in taking part in the MyCOM Diagnostic online survey. There is a small possibility that some of the MyCOM survey questions may make you uncomfortable or ask information that you may not wish or are unable to provide. However, participation is voluntary: you are free to refuse to participate in the survey, to refuse to answer any questions you do not wish to answer during the consultation, or to stop participating at any time without giving a reason.

Your choice to participate or not participate in the diagnostic tool will not influence or affect your future relations with Ryerson University.


Your choice to participate in the MyCOM online survey (or not) will remain confidential. The online survey will not be collecting personal information or identifying information such as your name or address. Although Internet Protocol (IP) addresses can be tracked through the survey platform, CERC Migration will not be collecting this information.

No personal identifying information is gathered, and all data is stored securely. Only CERC Migration chair holder Anna Triandafyllidou and the specific researchers designated by her will have access to the information and data collected. Performance monitoring, periodic reports, and scientific analysis of MyCOM data will not identify you or include personal or individual information (we will only provide and analyze aggregate data). Your individual responses (i.e., raw data) will not be shared with anyone. Once the project ends, CERC Migration will store the data in locked files for a maximum of 5 years.


Your participation in the diagnostic tool is completely voluntary and you can withdraw at any point. The information collected from the online survey could be withdrawn up to clicking the ‘submit survey’ button at the end of each survey module. However, once you click the ‘submit survey’ button at the end of each survey module, we will not be able to determine which survey answers belong to you, and so we cannot withdraw your information from our study once you click on the ‘submit survey’ button. Please note that by clicking the ‘submit survey’ button at the end of the survey module you are providing your consent for participation. By consenting to participate you are not waiving any of your legal rights as a participant.


If you have any questions about this diagnostic tool, please contact

For questions about your rights or treatment as a research participant in this study, please contact the Ryerson University Research Ethics Board at (416) 979-5042.